Supply Chain Excellence – The Top 25

David Edwards . Operations Professionals

Who are the current leaders in Supply Chain Management, and what are they focused on? A recent article by AMR Research gives us their perspective. The leaders are focused on improving bottom line business performance, not just by focusing on efficiency and cost minimization, but by paying attention to visibility, responsiveness, and adaptiveness. The leaders are leveraging supply chain to grow market share and improve revenues, elevating their supply chain from a cost liability to a strategic asset. The list of leaders (as defined by AMR) include names you would expect to see like Dell and Wal-Mart, as well as a few that may surprise you.

Supply Chain Excellence

By: AMR Research

After you’ve fiddled with labor costs, R&D, procurement, and such, if you’re looking for ways to boost financial performance (and who isn’t?), there’s still one slice of uncharted corporate terrain where additional business value is there for the taking. Pick your head up a bit and you just may notice it: the supply chain.


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  1. Patrick Mullen Says:

    Searching for this for some time now, Thank you.

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