The Keys To Wal-Mart’s Supply Chain Success

Wal-Mart’s Senior VP of International Supply Chain, Gary Maxwell, spoke at the CSCMP annual conference in Chicago this week about what Wal-Mart looks for when designing their supply chain. With an eye to the future and a firm grasp on the present, Wal-Mart meticulously engineers the supply chain to efficiently meet the needs of their customers. According to Maxwell, “to run a truly thorough and efficient supply chain, you need to start with inventory and look at how you can carry less inventory and turn it faster”. The following article from Logistics Management gives a concise overview of Maxwell’s advice.

CSCMP 2009: Wal-mart’s Maxwell cites keys to developing best-in-market global supply chains

Meeting customer expectations, understanding the market, and sustainability are major action items, says supply chain executive

Jeff Berman, Group News Editor — Logistics Management, 9/25/2009

CHICAGO—In a speech that focused on various aspects of global supply chain management, Wal-mart Senior Vice President, International Supply Chain Gary Maxwell said that understanding what a customer needs is key when designing a fluid supply chain.


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