Make Your Exisitng Systems Work For You

David Edwards . Operations Professionals

All too often companies struggle with the same issues every day. Everyone involved with the issue is just too busy putting out the raging flames driven by these issues to stop and eliminate it at the source. And in a large majority of cases, the tools to eliminate the source are right under their noses. Sophisticated ERP, SCM and WMS systems have been implemented, but for a variety of reasons are not being used to their full potential. Companies waste mountains of precious time, energy, and money fighting problems that could be eliminated if they just used their existing systems to their fullest potential. The following article details some of the most common reasons for this lack of utilization, and offers some simple advice for getting your money’s worth from the software investment you have already made.

Read The Full Article Here: Driving Business Process Improvement with Software You Already Own

Written by Marek Omilian    
Tuesday, 08 September 2009 

Many companies struggle to realize the full value of their software investments. Whether due to unclear business requirements, lack of user awareness, organizational resistance to change, or not leveraging existing software to address new business requirements, a significant amount of software functionality goes unused. To tackle this problem you should consider conducting a Business Process Improvement (BPI) planning engagement to unlock your software’s full potential. BPI engagements provide a structured framework to analyze and address business problems you face every day, driving cost savings and additional value from software you already own.


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