Leading The Way With BPI – Who’s In Control

In this article from CIO.com, the struggle for control of the BPI process between IT and the business units being examined is discussed in depth. While IT has the expertise in the tools and techniques of BPI, business units resist  change processes that are not led by their own organizations. Successful BPI initiatives that are led by IT have been executed in organizations where IT leadership has recognized the need for IT to closely collaborate with and serve the business units. It’s in their best interest to do so because BPM is at the center of so much IT activity. Says Burlton, “Process is so important right now because it is the linchpin of all these other things we’ve talked about for years: ERP, CRM [and now SOA]. Process holds everything together.”

Who Controls Business Process Improvement

By Meridith Levinson

November 01, 2006 — CIO

 In the 1990s, Michael Hammer and James Champy’s blockbuster book, Reengineering the Corporation, set off a tidal wave of business process improvement initiatives throughout corporate America. The two management gurus showed that redesigning a company’s processes, structure and culture could lead to a dramatic increase in performance. But a lack of attention to change management and the impact of these initiatives on employees yielded counterproductive results in many companies that tried to put Hammer’s and Champy’s ideas into practice.


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  1. Chris Graver Says:


    I like your lean lot sizing article. Nice job.


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