Lean Supply Chain

As you look for ways to reduce working capital and improve your cash position, don’t forget to look outside your own organization at your suppliers and customers. Optimizing inventory levels within your own company involves making inventory provisions to cover execution deviations that occur outside of your control. In many cases, your suppliers and/or customers are duplicating those provisions in their own inventory optimization strategies. Working closely with your supply chain partners to share information can yield significant reductions in total supply chain inventories.

Supply Chain Management: Invest in Your Suppliers

By Scott A. Heintzelman

Lean manufacturing is a term that has gained great exposure during the last 10 years. If you know about Lean, you’ve probably heard about reducing waste of all kinds on factory floors through improved processing efficiencies. What you may not know is that Lean philosophy can be applied to other parts of your operations as well as Supply Chain Management.



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